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A Credit Reporting Company May Help Your Dealership Run More Smoothly

When you own a car dealership, you want to be sure that the car buying process is as easy as it can possibly be for your potential customers. One important factor that comes into play when selling cars is the financing that many buyers need in order to purchase the car. Before even applying for a loan, many lenders require buyers to have a minimum credit score in order to show that they are reliable enough to qualify for the loan. If you own a dealership, working with an auto dealer credit report company that specializes in assisting dealerships with the credit reports they need can help you make the car buying experience easier for your customers. The guide below walks you through a few reasons why hiring an automotive credit reporting company may be a good idea for your business. Quick and Streamline Reporting The company is able to quickly get the credit score for your potential buyer from all three of the major credit reporting companies at one time. This will save your dealers time because they will not actually have to go to each individual website to compare the credit scores they have listed for the buyer. Online Credit Approval Capabilities The company can create a section for your website that allows customers to find out if they qualify for a loan before they even come to your dealership. This allows you to weed out any customers that have a very low credit score and have no chance of being approved for a loan. This will save your dealers time and the customers time in the... read more

Financial Tips For New College Graduates

You’ve got your degree in hand and are ready to embark upon your career. This is the perfect time to begin laying the financial framework that will carry you through the rest of your life. The following tips can help you create a working plan that will benefit you as your career grows and your life changes over the years. Tip #1: Begin Retirement Savings It’s never too soon to begin retirement savings. Most employers offer a retirement savings vehicle, such as a 401k. These are an excellent investment choice, especially if your employer matches your contributions. You should try to invest the full amount that is matched by the employer, since this is essentially free money. If your employer doesn’t offer retirement plans, or if there is no matching, you may want to look into private plans, such as Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). A financial consultant can show you which retirement vehicles are best suited to your retirement goals, along with your future goals. For example, some retirement accounts allow you to draw out funds at no penalty if it is for a home purchase. Tip #2: Take Control of Your Loans If you have student loans, chances are your grace period is going to be running out soon. This means payments are due. Consolidating your loans can help lower your payments and your interest, allowing you to pay off the loans much more quickly. The best time to begin consolidation and payment planning is before the grace period ends. Once again, your financial consultant can help you find the best options for your budget and specific situation.... read more

What To Look For When Valuing Silver Coins

Regardless of whether you are a silver coin collector or looking to sell yours, you need to understand what factors are used to determine the value of the coin. Knowing the basics can help you save money when buying and saving. Here are three aspects to consider when determining the overall value of a silver coin.  Melt Value Vs. Numismatic Value Silver coins tend to have two different values. The melt value refers to the coin’s precious metal value once it has been melted down. By contrast, the numismatic value focuses on aspects such as the condition, rarity, and importance of the coin. Coin collectors tend to be more interested in the numismatic value and are usually willing to pay more than the actual melt value of a coin if it has historical importance. Population in Circulation Another factor that can greatly influence silver coin values is how many were originally minted and how many are thought to be in circulation today. As time passes and the coins age and start to look worn, they are routinely taken out of circulation by the U.S. Treasury purely for the melt value. As the population of certain silver coins dwindle, they sometimes become more valuable to collectors. The actual melt value of the coins can still be considered low, but the numismatic value could be high depending on just how few are left.  There is usually no way to determine exactly how many of a particular silver coin are still in circulation, but estimates are routinely made based on those that were originally minted and those which were reclaimed by the... read more

Trust Fund Basics for Grandparents

You don’t need to be extremely wealthy or own a lot of assets to set up a trust fund for your grandchildren. You may not want to leave behind cash gifts, even if they are moderately sized, if the children are still young or if you prefer to earmark the gifts for a specific use, such as for college funds. Setting up small trusts may be just the solution. This guide can help you learn more. Trust Fund Basics A trust fund is essentially an investment vehicle that allows your money to continue to earn interest long after you are gone. These funds are paid out to the beneficiaries you designate when they meet the conditions set by the trust. The fund is managed by a trustee, which may be a bank, attorney, or investment firm. Wealth management companies often specialize in trust funds. They handle both the legal aspects and investment specifics of managing the fund. Types of Funds Although there are many types of trust funds, the main two types that you will likely encounter when setting up a modest fund for the grandkids are the following: Irrevocable trust: Once set up, this trust can’t be dissolved unless the fund is completely emptied. This can be a living trust, which may start paying out to your beneficiaries even if you are still alive, or the trust may not begin until after your passing. Revocable trust: If you set up the trust while you are still living but you know that you may want to modify it or remove assets, a revocable trust provides these options. Generally, revocable... read more

3 Common Accounting Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Owning a small business can be challenging. Not only do you have to worry about providing an income for yourself and your family, but you also have to think about all of the other aspects of the job, such as keeping up with the finances. Making sure you keep accurate accounting records for your business is vital for its survival. Here are three common accounting mistakes small business owners make. 1. Not hiring a knowledgeable bookkeeper. If you can only afford to hire one additional person to help with your small business, make sure you hire an experienced bookkeeper. With someone who has the knowledge and experience of doing accounting work for other businesses, like the accountants at Danta Chase & Co CPAs PS, you will have a much better chance of ending your fiscal year in good shape financially. If you don’t have someone who knows what they are doing, then not only can you end up losing a lot of money, but you could also end up in legal trouble with the IRS if your business’s finances weren’t reported correctly.  2. Not double-checking the books at the end of every quarter. Even the most knowledgeable bookkeeper can make a mistake. Unfortunately, all it takes is one small mistake in your books to throw all of your figures off. Rather than waiting until the end of the fiscal year to sit down with your bookkeeper and go over the books, you really should do it at the end of every quarter. Not only will it help you stay on top of how your business is doing financially, it will... read more

Bail Bonds Help In A System That Treats Arrested People As Guilty

The concept of being innocent until proven guilty in the U.S. justice system may seem pretty straightforward until you or someone you love is charged with a crime. Often, an arrested person must stay in jail until their trial date unless they post bail or make a plea bargain with the prosecuting attorney. Posting bail is a hardship for people who don’t have much money, but fortunately, bail bonds services are available to help. Guilty Until Proven Innocent? At trial, a defendant is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Immediately after being arrested, however, the situation is actually quite different. Depending on the state and the crime, bail is set by law or decided on by a judge. The suspect is commonly presumed to be a flight risk, which is the reason for bail. The bail money, which can be substantial, is returned if the defendant appears at all scheduled court dates.  If the person can’t post bail, they have two options. These include being incarcerated until trial or pleading guilty in return for reduced charges or a reduced sentence. If the individual waits for trial and is found innocent, they never are compensated for the time they spent in jail. If they plead guilty, they have this mark on their criminal record now — even if they didn’t actually commit the crime. How Bail Bonds Work A bail bonds service provides a surety bond that functions as a contract guaranteeing the defendant will appear at trial. The company charges a fee, such as 10 percent of the bail, for this service. Thus, if... read more

Paycheck Advances And Home Updates: How To Renovate Without Breaking The Bank

When most people think about updating and renovating their home, they tend to think that it is going to cost thousands of dollars. However, you can beautify your living space without having to break the bank. Although there are projects that are affordable, you may still need to consider a paycheck advance or other form of online loan in order to pull together the pieces that you need to complete the update. With that being said, here are a few ideas for home updates on a limited budget: Update Your Foyer/Entrance The entrance to your home is an excellent area to make a small update that will make a huge difference. You can opt to replace the door with something more modern. If you don’t have the money to replace the door, you can always brighten it up with a fresh coat of paint. You can also find welcoming items, such as benches and chairs, which will create an inviting atmosphere before guests even reach your door. Add a New Touch to Your Kitchen Cabinets Replacing your kitchen cabinets can cost quite the pretty penny, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t apply some updates to the cupboards in order to make them more attractive and fresh. Adding some new hardware and resurfacing the face of the cabinets (aka the doors) can add an expensive appearance to your cabinets without spending a large amount of cash. It’s perfect if you’re trying to update an older home a little at a time. Get Your Hands Dirty Outside Gardening is a great way to relieve some stress and enhance your home’s... read more

Clank, Clank, Clank: Why You Should Start Collecting Silver Coins In 2015

Silver coin collectors have been around ever since this form of money came into being — about 600 B.C., in Asia Minor — but this hobby can seem strange to those who don’t partake in it. However, coin collecting isn’t just a fun hobby — it can have many benefits, and even lead to an increase in wealth over time. If you’re looking for a few reasons to start a collection of your very own, then here’s a couple incentives you might want to know about. Incentive #1: It’s the perfect time to go hunting It’s a few months into 2015, which means that it’s the perfect time to begin collecting coins, as all those who set this hobby as their new year’s resolution have already either failed or forgotten about it, leaving the field that much more open for your new collection. Added to that is the fact that, with spring coming in, lots of people will be doing spring cleaning and donating old junk (or what they think is junk) to thrift stores. Take a few afternoons and go through old bags and boxes at thrift stores — you’d be surprised how many silver coins (some of them quite valuable) get lost in the shuffle. Incentive #2: It’ll match (and enhance) your other hobbies Collect old historical treasures? There’s a coin to commemorate that, from the anniversary of peace to the ruler of an ancient civilizations, to coins issued in times long past. Crazy about cartoon characters? The new 2015 silver coin from Australia features Cinderella — and in color, no less. No matter what your personal... read more

How Tech Startups Can Secure Financing

Securing financing is one of the biggest challenges that tech startups have to face. This is because they operate in a business environment where obsolescence rates are considerably high. Unless they constantly innovate, their business model will ultimately fail, which will prevent them from fulfilling the financial agreements they made with lenders. Because of the high risks associated with technology, financial institutions are often unwilling to finance tech startups. If you’re running a tech startup, this article will explain you how to secure financing more easily. Can venture capital be the solution? If you’re familiar with venture capital, then you certainly know how difficult it is to convert a new concept or idea into a profitable business project. This is mainly because new concepts automatically carry a set of inherent risks that need to be mitigated during each phase of the maturing process, in order to make sure that the investment made isn’t lost. The maturing process basically consists of different phases during which the new idea/concept will be developed, and hopefully turned into an actual business. During this process, the venture capital firm provides you with funding, depending on the progress made towards the commercialization of your idea. This thus means that the amount of money that you’ll raise will solely depend on your ability to convince investors that your project is nearing finalization. What are the benefits and drawbacks associated with venture capital?  Benefits include but aren’t limited to: Guaranteed access to funding Immediate availability No capital requirements Funding levels tied to the development of the idea Drawbacks include but aren’t limited: Ownership parts must be included... read more

Getting Your First Installment Loan? Know What To Look For In The Fine Print

If you’re just getting out into the world and need a car, a house or even a personal loan, you’ll be taking out an installment loan. Because you are new to the installment loan world, you may not understand all the things that can happen during the life of the loan if you’re not careful. This guide explains what you need to look for in the fine print to avoid potential problems. Interest Rate Changes Your interest rate on an installment loan is based on your credit rating, or how well you’ve handled credit in the past. The higher your credit score, the lower the interest rate you’ll have. If you’ve never had credit before, you might have a higher interest rate. As you make the payments on your installment loan on time, your credit score rises and you’ll be able to get more loans at a lower rate. If you run into hard times and can’t make the minimum payments, or if you can’t make them on time, your interest rate on your current loan can go up, even if you are only a day late. Ask the financial institution you’re getting the loan from about any grace periods available and whether or not your interest rate goes up if the payment is made within that time. Late Payment Fees In addition to raising your interest rate on the installment loan, a late fee is charged on your account if you make a late payment. Some loans charge a percentage of the balance and others charge a flat fee. The state you live in determines how much and... read more
Hello, I’m Ron Breckenridge. As a hobby, I refinish broken jewelry I find at thrift stores and pawnshops. The jewelry often features major faults that ruin the structure and finish of that piece. While performing the repairs, I remove a lot of gold and replace it with new materials. The gold I remove sits in a little jar until I can use it again. Every once in awhile, I come across gold I just cannot use. The gold is still good for other purposes, but doesn’t work well for jewelry repairs. I save this gold until it fills up another little jar, and then I take it down to the gold buyers. I’m provided with a small stipend depending on its market price, which is awesome. I want to discuss the process involved with gold buying on this site. I will also explore other ways to obtain gold to sell. Thanks.